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June 12, 2018  

#5 Brian Makse: Automotive Content Creator and would-be Rolex Thief

June 12, 2018

Brian is a Canadian driver, film maker, writer and guy-who-has-it-figured-out. We talk about his upcoming book about the greatest trophy in racing, the Rolex Daytona Chronograph, and the process of researching and interviewing drivers for the book. He recalls a moment when he realizes that he's probably the only one in the room who knows the dollar value of one of the time pieces being handed to him, and feeling very uncomfortable about the thoughts running through his head at that moment. He talks about how the landscape of automotive media is changing and his process and motivation for creating content that he's proud of and that his audience responds to. 

Brian's YouTube Channel:

Instagram/Twitter: @BrianMakse